Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chris Heuer's Woolfy Intro

My life often feels like a constant struggle to find my center - the balancing point is much more important to me than the 'tipping point'. The biggest balancing act for me has always been the one between my head and my heart. Almost without exception, the spiritual advisors and guides that have been part of my life have come to the same conclusion (even my new weight loss coach did so in about 20 mins) - need to get out of living in my head and get grounded.

The trouble is, ideas excite me, possibilities excite me, new excites me, the world excites me, my fiance excites me ;) All of this naturally gets processed through my head, and being so excited makes it difficult to remain still at my core.

So that is my deep self - you now know some of my struggle. So what about the rest of the man that is sitting here in the midst of all this feminine energy?

Well, I like doing stuff. I like being active. I really have a lot of fun in my life and carry a strong sense of optimism with everything I do. I start companies when I can, I think about them more. I spent last year trying to get a very big idea turned into a company - a reimagining of blogs, comments, forums and groupware that I call Insytes. To a certain extent, the work we are doing with BrainJams is as a non-profit is part of that business plan - empowering and encouraging people to share knowledge and collaborate in public spaces.

I don't have many favorite commercials beyond the original 1984 Apple ad, but the new Visa commercial has taken the front runner spot. It starts with the question "What are you waiting for? an invitation? - you already have one, it's called a birth certificate".

As for the meta details of me - I am a 36 year old boy at heart, I am engaged as of last Thanksgiving, my fiance and I live together in a great flat in the heart of San Francisco, I consult on social media with big companies, I advise a few start ups, I was born in Chicago, grew up in Miami and went to college in DC. I am an entrepreneur, a gadget geek, a creative, a reiki master and so much more...

I am me.


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