Saturday, February 18, 2006

introductory material

Here I am introducing myself stream of consciousness and really shaky. Fingers working? Check check? check?! Ok...Go: Hi, My name is Amber and I am a feminist. I'm not sure what sort of feminist I am, but maybe not a blogger feminist...YET! Which is one reason I came to Woolfcamp--to figure out what the blogosphere is like and learn cool things like how to podcast and other things that are becoming more apparent every moment. How will I begin affirmation though tagging entirely without the use of spray paints? Will I have enough time to finish introducing myself? Unlikely. How do bloggers have time to be bloggers anyway? How do you blog your life, live your life, read your friends, meet your friends for dinner, work, do laundry, call mom, buy food, blog about buying food....AND have an interesting amazing blog? It seems like there's a blog lifestyle and I want to rubberneck, maybe try on some blog-shoes, dive into the flickr pool, mix metaphors, etc.

"Ah that's a beautiful sound" ~~Elkin

"Like Rain" ~~Notkin & Kris simultaneously

And my nerves smooth to a calmer state. What about the psychology of all this?

woolfcamp 2006


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