Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some Notes about Blog Audience

Talking about blog audience at Grace’s. These links didn’t come up explicitly, but remembered during the conversation.

Subject Matter expert on mySpace.

  • Stalking
  • Use stance - using mySpace to meet people considered dangerous.
  • Everyone, in their community, has mySpace or Facebook accounts.
  • Using it to keep in touch with a circle of friends.
  • “You don’t think your parents are going to look at it.”
  • Law Enforcement trolling mySpace to find ‘miscreants.’

Chris: the worst that happens in the real world, will happen online.

Do you need a separate blogging policy? Not really, it’s part of general communications policy.

Back in the day, we didn’t show our piercings and tattoos at work, is blogging like that?

Memoir, and memoir-izing events to distance yourself.

The “no blogging” light, when is it lit?

ETA Blogger adds returns... grrrr.


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