Monday, February 27, 2006

Unabashed Pimping of WoolfCamp

As I will be 51 this year, I've arrived at the age where I don't give a damn about outward and bold appearances. Thus, I've taken to crowing about WoolfCamp on the BlogHer blog:


Kindly note, I bragged about our lovely Tara's new born site, evolving, carnival roadtrip.

I'll also be adding our blogs to the BlogHer blogroll, if it's not listed already.

Also, this makes me hysterically happy - we're included as a 'barcamp' type event on the official BarCamp wiki - scroll down to see WoolfCamp listed in Previous BarCamps.

(Chris H? Badgerbag Liz? Did either/both of you add us to the wiki? If yes, thank you. If no, then, ooo-la-la, mystique!)

This pleases me to no end as there have been critics of our endeavor, asshats who have said that we've diluted the idea of the barcamp and that the barcamp model has 'jumped the shark'.

Ptoeey. I speet on dat!

What we did, and what we'll continue to do, was to develop a venue for bloggers interested in creative expression on our online spaces. As obvious this concept may be, this has never been done. Again, being 51 and all, I'm not above being smug, so I'm glad we launched this idea out into the big bad blogosphere.



Blogger Lin said...


Onwards, indeed! I double speet on dat! And I double speet on de peoples who are so mean spirited. PTOOEY

5:18 PM  
Blogger Mary Tsao said...

Ya, what she said!

I saw your post on BlogHer and was delighted, Grace. I must immediately go back and comment, which I forgot to do because some child of mine started whining about being hungry. Damn kids!

10:41 PM  

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