Sunday, July 30, 2006

all you need is love.2

I met with the GiGis (nickname for small thinktank called Geek Girls: we have the ambitious agenda to feminize the internet) for the three days immediately preceding BlogHer. While at the GiGis, I shared my theory that there are only two ways to interact with reality (whatever that means): love or fear. I further theorized that we need to return to the love power of the sixties, that we need to be creating cultures of love and surely surely the internet is one of the paths to a culture of love.

Then at Blogher, Nancy White re-invoked my 'all you need is love theory'.

At the beginning of the last day of Blogher, Nancy got us all started singing "all you need is love". This made me very happy.

I have lost my mind recently after almost dying on May 5th. I am through fucking around and all I care about is being blissed out. I am humbled that my little bliss quest resulted in having hundreds of BlogHers try to sing the great Beatles song "all you need is love"

Love is all we need. How corny is that.


Blogger Nancy White said...


But right on.

So where is this blog, Tree?

10:05 AM  

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