Sunday, July 30, 2006

BlogHer debrief

Liz has stepped out of the BlogHer debrief because people are lost and calling to find their way here.

We have collectively agreed to blog this section for Liz's benefit (and yours, dear reader).

So, who has things to say about BlogHer.

Who had a good time?

Like all conventions, it's not the nuts and bolts, it is the physical getting together. It's 'here's who we are" and "here's what we look like, here's what we sound like". . .getting together is the point.

High points
Identity panel and the naked panels were both great, extremely intelligent, and I'm not used to the BlogHer style, which is intro the panel and then immediately go to questions. I was impressed with how well the moderating worked, going right to questions. Audience questions were complex and articulate. I was really impressed with both of those panels.

For the tech panels, there ws a lot of stuff I already knew and then after about forty minutes, the presentation might get to a good nugget. Tagging was great tech session. Audience building was also great tech session, w/Lisa Bauer. Monetizing woman did a really nice job.


Anonymous Denise said...

You found the tagging to be a "great session"? I didn't. I found it a wee bit boring, as someone who already tags and possibly confusing and even unhelpful to those who don't currently tag. I heard several women say they came to learn how to tag and didn't come away with that information.

6:41 PM  

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