Sunday, July 30, 2006

more blogher debrief

An interesting conversation w/techies about women in tech, and how women feel about being in a heavily male-dominated field. . . some of the younger women seemed to feel that technology was unuusually male-dominated but my reaction was that 'they were young'. many women work in male-dominated fields. One of the young women stood up and said she felt at home in Blogher in the tech Blogher people but she couldn't relate to the wider Blogher people.

I felt same way of feminist v. nonfeminist vibe, the straight vibe.

mommybloggers v. nonmommybloggers. . . . mommyblogger was a stronger community so they werer a louder presence. I felt overwhelmed by mommybloggers because I'm not one, it felt like most of people there were mommybloggers.

mommybloggers dominated, took it over, it is a radical act, but there was still a kind of weird thinking. . .

it bothered me how heteronormative it was. . . that is the vibe I found difficult.

Heteronormative: the background assumption that everyone is hetero

Heteronormative creates an underlying discomfort, about outfits and fashion and pressure and all these girly girls with their pointy schoes. It wasn't about femminess. . . it is about people who feel they don't understand how to code their femininity into patriarchal standards correc tly. . . that makes other people feel resentful, uncomfortable. Coded femininity according to patriarchal standards. Also about class. Some of it was corporate. Business bloggers.

In the transformational panel, half the people who spoke were lawyers.

Rules in academia are different in the corporate worlds. I don't think feminess is as significant to the heteronormative as some of the other things.