Sunday, July 30, 2006

more intros

Beth Kanter: great people, great conversations, video blogging was great and not long enough. Education blogging session was great. I felt less of an emotional connection this time, trying to figure out why. Was it too big? Is it the branding stuff? I felt big emotional connect during the final keynote. There wasn't a closure like last year.

Sue, I flew in from Toronto. I spent a lot of money to get here. I have nothing to base this on, I consider myself a complete computer idiot. I also happen to be an introvert which flared up this week. Coming to new thing, new to tech. . . I got emails from women worrying about what to wear. My blog: multi-blogger. Poly-blogger. My menopause was all over the bathrooms. I blog about my city. I publish Breast of Canada calendar. I didn't get into the first day. A long way to come for a one day conference. I had great one-on-one converations that lasted an hour or two, and I function better in such settings. Very pleasant to be around smart, very funny women. Lots of shrieking: high volume. I've never been to conf of just women except breast cancer and women don't shriek at breastcancer conferences.


Anonymous Beth said...

Good notes ...

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