Sunday, July 30, 2006

more intros

Sara Dopp: women, tech, writers, my tribe. Public biz blog and private blog. Sara met Liz at reading where Liz read vile porn story. I could only get ticket for day 2. Saw celebrities. Dana Boyd! ! I saw her but was afraid to talk to her! It was really easy to strike up a conversation with just about everybody. I want to start a firm where I consistently organize and hire subconstractors: web design.

Liz Henry: I had great time but I had same feeling that it didn't have the emotional impact on me as last year. It was just because it was so big, hard to make space where big can become small groups. I was mentally taking note: what next time? More moderator training and practice, more group facilitating, unconferencey thing. . . I'd like a less structured thing. I'd have more tracks and you would just have to make hard choices but the conversations could be more productive if the groups were slightly smaller by design. Hostility: a lot of hostility about the pointy-toed shoe women, for example. Fear of women who understand rules of coded femininity according to patriarchy. Some apparel/jewelry choices are about display, not dominator culture.


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