Sunday, July 30, 2006


Lynn: blog called unnatural history. I also have a livejournal, which carries many of same pieces but also have more personal stuff that I don't right out there under my full actual full name. And I have a neglected perv blog. I did not go to blogher. I did go to 1993 romance writers of America in St. Louis when St. Louis was in the flood and I am still wearing some of the clothes that I bought/had made for that.

Kimberly: music and
I could see people's eyes glaze over when I identified my blog, like they were thinking crazy cat lady. I found myself not wanting to explain myself, an interesting piece for me. I found BlogHer quite interesting. Felt a bit like high school. I enjoyed it at times and at times my inner introvert came out.

Pam. I blog at beancounters. I liked Blogher, no problem with clothes except which of my great t-shirts. I think it is because I had the inner/eye on style because I already knew so many people going. I knew if I would dress to impress them, I should dress the way I always dress. I went a little more casually than at work. I knew there would be a broad range of style choices, I wouldn't fit anywhere and it would still all be good. Well, I'd fit in between. I would have preferred more effective moderation/facilitation. Here's who we are. . .

Elka: elkie in wonderland, blog on the blogher blog. I wanted to go last year but it was sold out. The main reason for me to go was the networking. I enjoyed the broad range of difference. Unlikely to see such a broad range at a male conference, which would be more homogenous. For the sessions, I second what Liz and others said: some too broad and deteriorated, moderator training would be a great idea. Liked seeing friends, met lots of new people. I wanted to meet a lot more but I was overwhelmed. I am here because this is smaller event.

Jeanine Armstrong: now getting paid to blog for clubmom! Emotional impact last year was less. Last year so exciting. Women who write are my rock stars. It was so thrilling. I was anxious about what to wear and I went shopping for new clothes: I am becoming different and I am changing my outer persona. I brought cards: this was new. So many things changing for me. It is about being around the different women, connecting, talking, absorbing, people so cool/smart/funny and wanting to be a part of that. And pushing myself out into the world. I am really really happy to be at woolf camp.

Susan Kitchens: 20/20 hindsight is my blog for years. My new site is family oral history using digital tools. I want to turn the new one into a business. Last year, I got in under the wire after it was sold out by doing audio recording. There was no sense of closure. If I hadn't been so tired yesterday, I would have grabbed the mic and ask for some praise for the main organizers but I was so tired. . . . give it up for them.


Blogger ...e... said...

ha! SPAM. time to add comment moderation and funny word security :)

and Kimberly isn't a crazy cat lady, she's an architect!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I turned off comment word security for today - temporarily!

10:21 PM  
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