Sunday, July 30, 2006


Jackie, jospanglemonkey, I didn't get much out of blogher until the sex panel. Tech was boring. And I didn't like birds of a feather: storytelling and humor. I tried to pull it more theoretical and it just didn't go over. I felt a lot of the panels were superficial but the sex panel was really good and the art panel was good, too.

Allen: asIplease. I didn't go to blogher. I was chortling vicariously to the Weight Watchers and chalk flavored water. What do these people think BlogHer is about?

The worst was the Be Jane girls: tight t-shirts. Women can improve their own homes. Horrifying.

LiveSpaces was worst than the home improvement. They spoke like zombies: wouldn't you like to expand your community? Duh, that's why we were in blogher.

Debbie: I blog at bodyandpolitic with Laurie, also have live journal, also on feminist fs blog and elsewhere. Half of me is with Tree and half of me is with Allen's vicarious experience. I am used to being outrageous as I want to be in the world and in much of my life I can be as outrageous as I want to be. I loved a lot of the women that I MET, LOVED LOTS OF SESSIONS, something about heteronormativity. . . that steadily made me a bit nervous. Great time, bit nervous, all the time.

Laurie: bodyandpolitic, blogs with Deb. I had a really good time and I also. . . the corporate stuff doesn't make me nervous but the cultural dissonance occasionally made me uncomfortable, as did the heteronormativity. I suspect that a lot of this stuff are based on unconscious assumptions. Did organizers think about the vendors and the sexist stuff . . . there was some consideration and some worry. . . they didn't do it unthinkingly. Likely, they must have expected a bunch of discussion with it afterwards. I think it is profoundly important that they don't do it again.

Hopefully, with big success (the numbers) this year, they will get more marketers interested.

Nobody pays you money to tell women they look great. Body positive sponsors with money don't happen.


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