Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BlogHer Addenda

Woolf camp was fabulous!

Just wanted to add that while I do think "it is profoundly important" that the weight loss sponsors be replaced next year, I do understand the economic complications. At the _very_ least, I would like to see body postive workshops etc next year to make the point of view balanced. As we discussed, women need all the good support they can get to fight off the constant barrage of body hatred from media and advertising.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Just IMMERSING myself in the Woolf Camp blog and wishing I could have been there.

I was feeling talked out and so full of impressions and not ready for more people by the end of Saturday night, and family and travel logistics meant that the path of least resistance was not to go.

Foolish in retrospect - should have realized that the nourishment - emotional, theoretical, artistic, geeky, feminist - would far outweigh the mild complications of going. And I was right THERE, too. Ah well.

Can I be added to the mailing list, so that next time around I can clear the day and participate somehow from home in Pittsburgh? via Skype, video iChat, IM, liveblogging, what have you?

Thank you all!!

Liz in Pittsburgh
drawing daily at

8:27 AM  
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