Saturday, February 18, 2006

e.'s armwarmers and fancy slippers

woolf camp
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.
Chris H. just taught us the term "sanfransocial" which describes what we're all doing now, sitting around being social, but with laptops open, blogging everything and checking our email.

Amber was just teasing me about how weird it was for me to be doing this in class all the time! Yes... it was freaky.

Well, anyway I'm so so so so so overstimulated. There's not enough time! I changed the schedule on the whiteboard to move an event to tomorrow; and wrote "CHILL" across 6:30-7:30. Not that I needed to, because that's what was already happening!

Peter is cooking Thai food and there's a ton of people in the kitchen doing busy things. I'm CHILLing.