Saturday, February 18, 2006

We are working on introductions

Hello campers, I am Debra Roby, currently of Hercules Ca. This past Wednesday marked my 8th anniversary of moving to California.

I am a quilter and fiber artist... who blogs about both what I am doing in my work, and what distracts me from my work: my dogs, the tv, life in general.

Started blogging just over one year ago when somene on a mailing list convinced a whole bunch of us start. Then began a blogring so we could keep track of what everyone is doing. My life has changed since then... but (to quote Robin Williams' character in BirdCage...) I'm keeping it all inside. I hope this weekend will free up some braincells so I can explain to both the blogosphere and the non-blog world what that change is.

My blogs:

My primary blog is A Stitch in Time

where I write almost every day. OK... several times a day if I'm avoiding my sewing room.

My other blog is A Simple Still Life which is a monthly creative challenge website. You are all invited to join us. Let me know your email and the fun will begin.

Besides these two activities, I am one of the Hobby contributing editors for BlogHer.. specializing in arts and crafts and gardening. (hence my "editors" hat. If you find an ebony 12" long cigarette holder... and elbow length kid gloves.. the picture will be complete.


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