Friday, May 26, 2006

Staying Close To Home

Yesterday my lab Katy blew out her knee while we were swimming in the park. The good news: we made it to the park office and they called a van to drive us to our car. If you have a choice and chance in the future, please support East Bay Regional Parks. They dropped everything to help Katy, Jake and me out.

Here's a post I made last year about this great place for dog's to swim.

Last time (yeah, she blew out her other knee in the same park) there wasn't a soul, and we had walk 1.5 miles to the car. Thirty minutes out to spot where she got hurt; 2 hours back.

She is home in a confined pen staying still and taking pain pills. She only stands up when she needs outside. Tuesday we head to the vetinary surgeons where they will xray her, hold her overnight and operate Wednesday morning. She'll be home on Thursday and my fun will begin. A "harness" that I hold and help her walk, pain meds, and a couple more trips to Concord for check ups with the vets.

Glad we didn't make any summer vacation plans.. our vacation money is going into her knee. OTOH, 6 weeks spent mostly at home nursing a dog... my garden will be well-cared for, my house will be clean, and I might even get some fiber work done.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can someone add my other blog?

I've decided to try separating my personal stuff from my fiber arts stuff on the blogs. So now my dog walks, rants, sunset photos, etc. will be on at Deb's Daily Distractions.

E, could you invite me to add this new blog to the woolfcampers?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WoolfCamper Em has left us geographically, but not spiritually.

Em leaves Santa Cruz to go back home.
Originally uploaded by GraceD.

Fellow Woolfers, I say to all of you - ah-woooooo! And I say it with love.

It's been a gnarly couple of months. Moll's health has been sketchy, the hubs has been out of town 3 weeks out of the month, and I've been in a funk because of It All.

To top It All off, Em left the beaches of Santa Cruz to return to the mountains of the Wasatch Range. Salt Lake City, people. She left us for the Mormons! The polygamists! That big old choir!

I know you're not falling for this. The scoop is that our Em returned to her home turf and her homies. She's looking into a job with the Sundance Festival. Let's cross our fingers that this will happen for our Em as we want her to be happy and, to be honest, we want to meet Robert Redford.

Em is just a click away on her magnificent blog, Lucy's Spleen. Her lovely personage can be seen on her flickr photostream, which also includes pics of her fanboy, Malcolm.

We love you, Em! See you at BlogHer!