Thursday, April 09, 2009

George & Gabriel

George and Gabriel

Many thanks for Gabriel's glee, George's music -- and Grace's boundless hospitality.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

WoolfCamp: Where Friendships are Made

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The Dancing Room

Gabriel & Ezra repurposed Grace's bedroom as the Dancing Room. It also proved to be an excellent space for impromptu games of Duck, Duck, Goose.

In the Dancing Room

Duck Duck Goose

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Sarah & George are still sleeping

Woolfcamp Sunday morning view


we're all sleeping!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Impromptu concert by George

Leah and Sarah


How many kids were there - 6 or so? I can't remember! The kids ran around outside a lot, in the terraced yard and through the house, eating strawberries and bread and cheese and pixie sticks and tiny cupcakes. There was playdough and a box of books. The kid in the spiderman suit sat in my lap a lot; I let him dig around in my backpack; he found my gorillapod and made it into a space octopus, with wings.




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Hood Up

Hood Up
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Why I'm not at WoolfCamp with all those fabulous women. :-[

You need to buy this rum

Miss Jen M

Community bloggers session

@leahpeah looks on as @sarahdopp waxes css

@sarahdopp talks about community blogs

@vdog by the lovely @techmama

The lovely and talented @techmama