Saturday, February 18, 2006

Message in a Bottle

Our very good friend Ricky sends his love and sez:

You know, having read your blog, now I'm completely depressed that I couldn't attend Woolfcamp. Not only does it seem really fun and interesting, but, damn, the Woolfcamp women are hot!

Elke was trying to, in the best tradition of the secrets of the sisterhood, tell me that it was called Woolfcamp because of Virginia Woolf. But now I know--what I suspected all along--it's the whole "aaawoooo!". It's the wolf whistling thing, isn't it?

And while I'm not there, I am happy to see that some things I've done bring me there anyway.

Like Zephoria uses a little icon of a cat with a melon on its head.

And I'm not about to claim that I took that picture, but I did bring it to the internet.

Honest, you could look it up.

And that's just weird to me. And pleasing. Like if you made up a dirty joke, told it in Jersey, and years later you heard it in Las Vegas.

It brings us all together, in a really trivial and silly way.

And to anyone, who’s serious about anything, nothing is more serious than the silly and the trivial.



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