Saturday, February 18, 2006

seven minute introduction

i am called e by my friends because my name is too weird to remember and that is my initial. unfortunately it sometimes proves harder to use than my name, but there you are. e it is. i am here in the cronemudeon brigade, over by the window, and i somehow (who have been logging for one -1- year) got to be the administrator for this comunal blog, so you can imagine.

anyway, i was born right here in the bay area, grew up in daly city until 1968 (the late great 1968) when I took off, my family took off, and i've been trying to get back ever since. no, wait, i got back, but I keep leaving and now this trip is the first time i've been back home in----25 years!!! 25 YEARS, PEOPLE!!

ahem. well, so now I live in florida, which is another story, but i'm there. I worked as a officey administration person at a university and was philosophy grad student there for maybe a decade or so and now i am unemployed, or sorta unemployed, effecting a career change thing (i've had lotsa those) to teach art in the public schools targeting this fall. at present i teach art for the parks department half time and pour cafes au lait for NOLA cafe half time, and study for my teaching certificate.

i am an artist. I didn't practice art for maybe 25 years (are we seeing a pattern here?) until i lost my mind and a therapist asked why that was. so now i'm practicing art again and you know what? it's like i never stopped, not in that i picked up where i left off, but that somehow i seem to be where i might have been if i didn't ever stop. the work is there in a way it never had been before. I paint, and manipulate photographs to turn into paintings, made dvds (which i was too rushed to bring with me) and i practice fiber arts. i also teach knitting at a local yearn shop, and yes, I stopped knitting for 15 years too, when i moved from New York to Florida in 1990. so there's another hiatus. (talk to me about the affect of the advent of the internet on the availablility of materials....)

oh, now my stream of conscioiusness stopped, that was the sigh, that is not a good thing. hmmm.

oh, theater, yes. I started working in theater when i was 13, sweeping stages for ACT in san francisco. i gave up on theater about a dozen or so years later and went to art school (Otis Art Institute in LA) and that is what I consider my real ("real")! no!!!!! I didn't get to talk about publishing...


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