Saturday, March 25, 2006

trying to participate in the Pivotal Moments writing excercise. it feels so huge i don't know where to begin. i came up with a list of some of the major events that have changed my life, all these months-long kinds of crises and spiritual ordeals that are both too personal to publish here and so big i couldnt choose just one to write on. then i read jo's post and changed my whole perspective. like, aha! i can write about just a single componant of a whole giant overarching theme. how novel!

thinking of the excercise in this new way i feel like i could come up with a Happy Thing. whereas the events on my list were all these traumatizing difficult times. what are some positive Pivotal Events for me? i know what i'll be thinking about for the rest of the weekend...



Blogger ...e... said...

why do you feel it must be a Happy Thing, em?

4:36 PM  

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