Friday, March 17, 2006

What's been happening since WWC-06?

(That's Winter WoolfCamp-06)

> So, what's going on, everyone? Check in!

I have been in a doldrums (is it spring fever?). But I think I'm coming out of it. I almost desperately want to work in my yard; I'm feeling the frustration with all this rain. (However, I did just come in from 1.5 hours getting messy in the garden. Woot!).

OK. Here's a bit of ramble on several things...

The main thing I'm thinking about is how to take the energy and sense of sharing we had at WoolfCamp and extend that to "technique sharing" experience for the arts/crafts bloggers. Do I want to start by setting it up as a wiki? As a group blog? Have a camp here in late fall?

At the moment I'm leaning toward setting up the wiki as a beginning, using the WoolfCamp idea as a kind of template. Then figuring out how to get the news out (yes, BlogHer is a start; and day 2 of BlogHer will be a great resource.) Need to define the important features of an art/craft blog... the things that distinguish these types of blogs from others. Why did people fall in love with Steph's Little Bird blog?(and did you see she has snuck back to say hello?)

I can see "specialized" wiki/camp units for other specialities, too, like the foodies.

I go back to Flickr once in a while (even uploaded more photos yesterday. I take weather photos from my deck. Go see them, you'll understand why.), but I'm not feeling the love for Flickr. I can't easily figure things out and find it frustrating. That and another web-based time sinkhole. Still... we'll see.

I'm reading everyone's blogs (T, silent since 3/4??)... and still fascinated by the wonderful camp experience.

Chris, are women in the majority at any of your other camps? Could the incredible energy and sharing that you wrote about at WoolfCamp be explained by the strong female presence? And Grace's fabulous feminine sense of consensus. I'm interested in speculation about this from the male perspective.

I find that kind of cooperation has only occurred in women majority groups.. but that the women majority is not the defining factor. The "permission" to participate is another important factor. Usually happens when the women feel a sense of security in their standing and a sense of belonging. Darn. Why didn't I study more social anthropology? I could explain this more clearly.

I'll see everyone at BlogHer!!



Blogger GraceD said...

Deb, I'm finally catching up after two weeks of chaos and stopped by Stitch and saw your comments on flickr.

My humble opinion is that flickr is a community within itself, linking users with groups and tags. My flickr account serves as my photo blog, something I never thought I would have, being the punky snapshot taker that I am.

I love tagging a pic of Malcolm "Jackrussellterrier" and searching on the same tag, finding plucky Jack Russells in NYC and Barcelona. It's fun to comment and receive comments. Also, it's fun to compare our poochies, and it's clear to me that our Malcolm is the most noble and comely canine of the bunch.

Deb, when I think of you, my mind's eye recalls a smiling woman in a white feathered hat serenely seated behind a nifty craft table.


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