Sunday, July 30, 2006

Greetings from Redwood City!

Badger just added me to the WoolfCamp group blog. How groovy that I am the first poster of the day!

Unless Tree beats me to it - she's typing over there at the other side of the couch. Tree drove with me from BlogHer in San Jose this morning. As both of us are slightly anal about arriving anywhere ON TIME BY GOD, Tree and I left at 8 so we could be here by 9 allowing for getting lost along the way. Isn't that rigid of us? Don't we both need to mellow? Hopefully Woolfcamp will mellow us today.

It did take me until reaching Badger's house to even learn Tree's name. Before that she was "the woman who needs a ride". That's sort of mellow of me, ain't it?

Badger's house is lovely, cool, and chock full of books. Every room has a bookshelf, and each bookshelf is arranged by subject. Tree, Badger and I (Bean) are sprawled on the big couch, getting set up on the wiki, waiting for whomsoever showeth up, and ready to take what comes.

xx oo


Blogger GraceD said...

Holy shit! The WC is happening! Let me shower and hustle over.


10:14 AM  

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