Sunday, July 30, 2006


Greetings from badgerland! I want to join in on this awesome liveblogging. Big shout-outs to people who were at last woolfcamp and missed this one. Lucy's Spleen! Yellow Jellybean! Evolving Carnival Road Trip! Mom Writes! Stitch in Time! Squid! Oh, I could keep going... It's not the same without you guys. But there are great new folks here, including Newbie Tree and Canadian Sue, and I'm enjoying this thoroughly.

We had a great session on multiblogularity. We talked about these issues:

Keeping your multiple blogs apart vs. together
Knowing where to say things when you have multiblogs
Letting people edit your stuff
Dealing with editorial guidelines
Regretting/wrestling with openness
Regretting/wrestling with anonymity
Why am I NOT blogging personally?
Introverted vs extraverted
Being recognized in public
Red gloves and other blog cool personality traits
Respecting others' privacy
Using categories

It seems like everyone has a unique relationship to (multiple) identities, and it's very important to think carefully about how you want to present yourself through blogging.

We're moving on to technology. and Furl. A lightening round of tech resources. It's wonderful to be able to join brains with such amazing and resourceful women.

"I'm a delicious partner!" -- Grace


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