Saturday, February 18, 2006

in Wonderland

hi, i'm elke. i go by elkit on the web. i was born and raised in germany. moved to the bay area in 1990. been blogging for about four years now, and can't even imagine my life without it any more. i organize the meetings of the south bay blogger group - we meet twice a month at coffee shops.

what mary said earlier rings true for me too: the longer i blog, the less important it becomes to me what people know about me, since my life is so public. and i hope we'll talk more about one of the themes i think about a lot: how the blog i write, and most of the blogs i read, are personal blogs, talking small talk about our lives, and do not ever get mentioned in the media, where it seems like everything is tech blogs, political blogs, or news blogs.

i work for apple computer on their web site, localizing web pages, so i practically live on the internet - i work on it and play on it. i meet more and more people over the net, and i don't mean dating. lately, what happens is that i encounter someone and go, "oh, you are such and such! i know you from flickr!"

i firmly believe dave weinberger's theory that we are all small pieces loosely joined. i like it that way.


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