Saturday, February 18, 2006

Liz's intro

Liz's intro

I'm Liz. Bookmaniac, badger, Lizzard, geek, nerd, mom, poet, translator, literary critic, perpetual student. I've been keeping journals and diaries since I was 14. I always had several journals at once, and I used to keep them duct-taped to the underside of my dresser drawers to hide them, but since I often forgot to hide them I'm sure someone was peeking at them and reading all along. I wondered who I was writing for and figured it was for the future me. Blogging is like coming out of hiding and the several journals are only just now starting to link up to each other. I now have the various online versions of me, and privacy is just as much an illusion as it was when I was 14.

I keep thinking lately of the words "drinking from the firehose" and realizing I'm drinking from too many firehoses at once. But it's SO GOOD. I love being in the stream of words happennng from all sides and getting to put mine in too. it makes me feel more alive than i've ever been and very happy. It's like when I was younger I got to be in this glacier creep of books to me, and me to journals, and the journals might never go anywhere, or the poems I published in little magazines were like erratic boulders or pebbles dropped on the landscape and forgotten, disconnected. Now what I do is part of this huge ocean with a million currents. And you can see into it in so many ways. I don't mean to hype the "change the world" thing but it has certainly changed my world. Now information and words and writing comes to me in realtime. i can walk around in it like sunlight. and what i do is sometimes lost but it might, maybe, be all connected, which makes me feel a happy continuity of identity. Though that continuity is sometimes uncomfortable....


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