Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Morning....

It's beautiful here. The air is thick with fog that looks like smoke passing by the big windows in wavy sheets. There is always the sound of rain -- sometime's it's from outside, sometimes it's from the laptop tapping in the living room.

I'm grateful to Shauna for the temporary laptop use. It's been strange being so far from a real computer, yet so surrounded by them. Granted, I still check my email from my treo phone, but with all these blog resources flying left and right over my head, I feel so discouraged by my inability to dive right into them all. This camp will take weeks to process. All of its content is like the down blanket I brought to sleep in downstairs, all wrapped up tightly crushed, free of air, condensed. It will take much unfolding and sitting and flapping and beating with tennis rackets to let all these experiences filter their way into my life, my blogs, my thinking.

I'm looking forward to it. And to the second day.

The coffee is flowing.


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