Monday, July 31, 2006

I am soo glad..

I am so glad that there is proper reporting of the post-BlogHer debrief that occurred at Liz's. Yes, I did not attend. After the fact, I will admit that I can only take a limited amount of multiple-people activity. Thursday night through Saturday was about my limit. I needed the quiet of the drive home, a short walk with one dog and a return to my own normalcy to begin digesting the past weekend.

Not that I didn't consider attending; however, I've learned that knowing my limitations is an important. Even if it means not having all the fun, all the time.

I was lucky enough to talk with Sue while she was waiting for ride; I must publicly say she is one of my heroes (heck, every woman at Woolfcamp is a hero... but she was one before then!). And she put the cherry on top by exclaiming that I look almost a decade younger than my calendar age (thank you Loreal). Flattery will get you somewhere!

In this case, I'm passing her Breasts of Canada calendar on to my friend, Susan Grey, who raises money for Breast Cancer Research (Susan made the Raging Light panels as her first experience; now she runs the Blankies for Grownup project). Susan will love the work. (yes, I'll get her to take to be one of the "ambreastadors").

Grace is probably now thinking... with Deb it's all about making the connections...

Anyway, if there is another day-long Woolfcamp before the clock's change, I promise to try and attend. In the meantime, I shall of all the bloggity, woolfcamper goodness.


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