Sunday, July 30, 2006

Janes, yelling!

For our closing exercise in courage, Sue Richards had us all stand up and hold out our arms perpendicular to our bodies. "Make sure you don't hit each other. Make a fist." She was talking to us in the language of somewhat cheesy "trust" exercises, or like a hippie yoga instructor or nursery school teacher, and I for one wasn't sure what to expect, though I figured it would end up being surprisingly cool and kick-ass.

Then she said, "Now watch carefully what I do, and then afterwards we'll all try it." And then she beat her chest as hard as she could & yelled like Tarzan at the top of her lungs. "Now you! Yell like Tarzan and Jane!"

Oh the screaming! And then laughing our heads off. Sue promises that if we do it every day morning and night it'll change our lives.

It was perfect closure for Woolfcamp - much like the howling we did at Grace's house last time!