Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My dear friends,
Do any of you know whether there is a blog/site/network to connect grieving VA Tech students/family/faculty/neighbors with a global community and, more specifically, with mental health professionals willing to volunteer counseling through email, forums and live chat/IM?

If this is not happening already, do you believe there's a need? Social networking-savvy BlogHer-inas, what resources in our existing community can we tap to get the ball rolling?

Please respond in comments.

With much love,


Anonymous Lisa Canter said...

feel free to check out http://www.peopleaggregator.net - which is free for non profits. We provide it hosted or allow you to download source code depending on your needs.

That is if your up to creating a social network. In terms of what exists to your specs I don't know. But I woildn't be surprised if it doesn't yet.

Social networks are really just popping up now.

Best of luck to you!

10:53 PM  
Blogger Jimmie said...

The main contact for any sort of Critical Incident counselors (peer or professional) is the International Criticical Incident Stress Foundation (www,icisf.org). They're headquartered not terribly far from the campus in suburban MD. I'm a peer counselor where I work and I deal with them pretty much all the time. They are the very best.

Fron what I have heard thus far, the school is reaching out to peer counselors and MHPs in the immediate area. I'm not sure what, if anything, they have lined up for continuing in an on-scene and operational sense beyond a couple of weeks. You might want to check with the Foundation to see what they have and what help we can provide them from on the net.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Mle said...

THANK YOU Lisa and Jimmie, for the very helpful info and a great jumping off point for more research. Your feedback is very appreciated!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Desana said...

This is great info to know.

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