Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hot coffee and sweet breads

I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and the luxury of a laptop on my lap and the continuing company of adults. My husband has IM'd me with the sounds that normally would be filling my ears:

[8:03:28 AM] Mike says: ju ju ju
[8:03:28 AM] Mike says: Daddy, milk please, OK!!!!!!!!!!!!
[8:03:29 AM] Mary says: hi!
[8:03:36 AM] Mary says: yes, the sounds of morning
[8:03:50 AM] Mike says: For some reason they loved the eggs this morning
[8:03:59 AM] Mike says: I put a bit of olive oil in the pan
[8:04:02 AM] Mary says: i see
[8:04:13 AM] Mary says: it may be that they're sick of microwaved eggs
[8:04:26 AM] Mary says: their enthusiasm waxes and wanes
[8:04:27 AM] Mike says: Or underfed yesterday

Yesterday was so marvelous and I expect today to be more of the same.


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