Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two take-aways for the Woolfies, in shorthand

I've blogged about and liveblogged from some intense situations, but I had trouble keeping up with the intensity of WoolfCamp! I felt that I really lived, for a weekend, The Grand Conversation. Thank you so much, everybody!

Here's two big picture conclusions I came to from many conversations, both in organized discussions, "hallway" talks, and debriefing:

1. We need organized childcare at BlogHer.

I talked with Debbie Notkin about how various science fiction conventions handle childcare - including WisCon - and it doesn't sound that hard. From talking with the Woolfies, I concluded we need to commit to providing childcare at BlogHer. We basically need licensed, bonded caretakers, and a room; there are legal issues but we can find out what they are.

2. We need role-playing about how to deal with group dynamics and sexism.

Pointing out, and heading off, uncomfortable situations, in a civil and productive way, is a skill that we all can learn. I think it takes practice. We could set up pretend situations and play them through, and try out different methods of calling people to account or going "meta". WHEN it happens rather than way afterwards. It is hard to name the problem in realtime, but we've just got to.


Blogger GraceD said...

Working on professional childcare at BlogHer. Thanks for reminding me of this because I have some followup emailing to do.

3:58 PM  

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