Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wish I could start my morning this way everyday...

  • Rolled out of bed at 8am
  • Had a cup of coffee (ok, I had two)
  • Chomped on some yummy coffee cake
  • Put my kicks on
  • Took a stroll around the harbour with Chris, Grace, E, Sarah, Tara, Amber and Debra to get the blood pumping for day #2
  • Started blogging when I should have been stretching, but such is life
I am blown away by the amazing people surrounding me. Strong- inspirational women, empassioned - open minded men. I am thrilled to have met everyone here and intend to keep in touch and learn more as they are the type of people that will help me to keep growing as a human being and ultimately make life much more interesting.

Thank you miss Grace for this opportunity to bond with some cool spirits.

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Blogger elkit said...

I think blogging *is* stretching. Just different muscles is all. ;-)

1:14 PM  

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