Saturday, March 25, 2006

First Activity: Tagging Each Other

In new developments: Mali has had a bit of trouble taking a nap, and wishes to "NURT." She proclaimed it loudly.

Badger has introduced a tagging game. We all have been given small postit notes. Why do people tag? Why bother?

If everyone did it, something interesting would happen. The cloud of information of what everyone has tagged with that tag.

Squid: Analogies to google? What does it do? Never used it before.

Badger: List of tagging topics. A "tag cloud." Font size shows popularity. In flickr. Another service that can do it.

Mary: someone does random tagging. "dragon tapeworm butt fairy." ricky's "hideous running jumping things."

The activity: we tag each other with words, something to do with the concept of the person. On social software what you would think would be useful as an attribute.

(we're all a bit stumped. how do you get past "bimbo?" heh The cat is immediately tagged with "fuzzy" and "drooley", "ginky-eyed")

Mine all have to do with the amount of writing I do. Heh.

Lots of people have "arty", "wry," "bad girl", "feminist," "social"

Now we will figure out what we have in common. Collate the results. Badger is rabidly talking about biligual blogging and the tagging potential there.

We're doing a new round. This time instead of pink we'll use blue.

Badger: the moment of self-consciousness as you realize the person will read what you say. Do it again now that you've seen everyone else's tags.


Anonymous Seymour said...

Hey y'all - Since you're playing with tagging check out this conference session I went to yesterday: An Ongoing Experiment in Social Tagging, Folksonomy, and Museums

Hope you're having fun and save me some cheese.

12:26 PM  

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