Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today's Very Vague Agenda (aside from the eating and drinking)

Ideas for exercises or topics to discuss today?

1. Tagging with Badger.
2. What use memoiring? What good is journal writing? What version of self can be presented in print? Why does it matter what happens to us? Who cares? Is history useful at all on a personal level? What will our biographers want to know?
3. Follow-up from last Woolfcamp. Emily: did anyone come away with a new agenda? New ideas about how to approach blog differently and use it better? Advertising? What do people charge?
4. Stream of consciousness liveblogging session, together. Although Squid's computer was cruelly wrested from her hands by her evil husband.
5. Getting to know each other initially with the stream-of-consciousness "all about me" writing for seven minutes. This should probably be #1, but isn't, because I'm so not into organizing this list. In fact I'm sort of hostile to the notion of organizing it. What does it mean!
6. Children. Why! WTF!
7. Privacy in personal writing. Why publish it! And asking people permission to blog about people. How does it change your blog?


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