Tuesday, February 21, 2006

helloooo, all!

i got back to florida just over an hour ago and i keep promising i'm gonna crash for awhile, but here i am still. i have some fixups to do on the blog and a lot to read as we had no connectivity chez grace yesterday and, as far as i know, she still has none. (if that's the case, somebody please call her and get the woman back online? we were seriously jonesing yesterday...)

meanwhile, i have changed administrator status on this blog to liz and to grace (for when she gets back online) in addition to me so things will probably move smoother now with those smart folks able to make things happen. i still have to add a few more names, those who were the last to sign up and then i couldn't because of the connectivity issue.

i can't tell you all how wonderful this weekend was for me. grace is working on me to get me out there for blogher, so maybe i'll see you all again sooner rather than later, who knows? til then....


Blogger Kristie Wells said...

There is obviously something going on with the router. Grace, I will have Chris get in touch with you to see what is going on, and hopefully he can help fix it.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Chris Heuer said...

It went down when we left with our personal router - but I replaced the one that was there before (which was not working) As we discussed over dinner the other night, she needs to buy a new Linksys...

9:55 AM  

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