Saturday, March 25, 2006

First Liveblogging I've Done Ever!

There are kids everywhere here at the Woolfcamplet! It's fun to learn their real-life ways (hearing their voices, their clever conversing) vs. the identity perception we have of them from the mom's blogs. Also fun to see the way they are like their dear moms who we so admire....

After mingling/snacking Liz led us in an excercise in tagging. We took a moment to all write tags for one another on little post-it notes, then danced around in confusion slapping the tags on one another and cracking up heavily. Read the tags aloud, rinse and repeat! Some made tags for themselves, and we observed how some tags very much reflected our blogs more than our "Selves."

JoSpangleMonkey - uberblogger, verbose, blahh!!, addled, prolific talented writer, abundant
Eliz - playful, thoughtful
ep - anarchist, eh?, good friend
Em - mormony, funny, nice friendly
Liz - studly, me, teacher, purple, feminist x 2, reckless
Grace - self-aware, fierce, shameless do-gooder, tenacious, asskicker, social goddess, feminist
Mary - Bloggie badass, bad girl in high school, wry, mommy, professional, able to interview and write in a single bound [!]
Jenijen - prosh [precious], craft diva, resourceful
Squid - arty, radical, inspirational, good cheese, cephalopod, ha!! good taste

JoSpangleMonkey - introspective, scooby, extravagant, tolerant, generator, strong, beloved, mommy
Eliz - uncanny, logical, rainbows n' unicorns
ep - reluctant mama bear, thoughtful, political newbie but not for long, curly, observant, sharp
Em - more radical than she appears, bawdy, dogged, bold
Liz - poly, colorful, open, exciting, Fluevog, informative, mentor, cutest son ever, here, extrovert, aware, role model
Mary - assertive, friendly, trained assassin, mommy, professional, defining lines straddler, competent
Grace - ass kicking, activist, womanist, snuggy, enthusiastic, on fire
Jenijen - outwardly, indefatigable, happy, patient, straightforward, red hot mama

An impression- seemed like in Round Two Tagging we were more inspired on some level by some of the things written during Round One, but also then then pressure was on; we needed more time to come up with the tags and felt like they needed to be more clever. Discussion followed about the value of tags, how to read tag clouds, and how those of us new to tagging or don't tag find it hard to come up with them, more experienced taggers, conversely, are quite facile with the labels. Mary mentioned she likes to order her tags so that they make sense, syntactically, eg. "badass mommy blogger." Rad.


Blogger squid said...

Ack, I didn't write down my second round of tags--did anyone else get them? I only remember "dork."

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Em said...

Shit, Squid! I thought I listed them here, but appear to have effed up in my rush to get the list posted. They should be on a piece of paper somewhere in your house, maybe...
I feel like I can ALMOST remember them...strain...Well dammit. I am a bad scribe. I'm sorry.

12:25 PM  

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